Finite Theory of the Universe, Dark Matter Disproof and Faster-Than-Light Speed   10 comments

Given that General Relativity was disproved yesterday September 23, 2011, I bring Finite Theory to replace it with.  Finite Theory works well with famous experiments such as the gravitational light bending, the perihelion precession disparity for all planets, is the only theory to provide a solution for the rotation curve for all galaxies and even explains the constitution of a black hole.  A presentation, the paper and the simulator I used can be found here (best viewed with Mozilla Firefox):

A disproof of Special Relativity and an explanation of artificial faster-than-light traveling is explained in this book:


10 responses to “Finite Theory of the Universe, Dark Matter Disproof and Faster-Than-Light Speed

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  1. I think it is little early to count the chickens. Even CERN team is skeptical and has not excluded the possibility of lower statistical significance.

    That is exactly why they have presented their findings in a paper format to the public through open access journal archive to invite criticism. Similar results were obtained by MINOS experiment at Fermilab in Chicago few years ago but that team decided to control their excitement.

  2. I will be looking forward to it.

  3. FT is consistent with:
    – GPS time dilation
    – Perihelion’s precession for all planets
    – Gravitational light bending

    Is the only one to solve the:
    – Galactic rotation curve for all galaxies without Dark Matter
    – Accelerated expansion of the Universe without Dark Energy
    – Black hole

    – Faster-than-light speed

    I am welcoming any questions in those areas.

    Furthermore one of my personal project would be to tweak the famous ERIS simulator at the University of Zurich to use FT in order to simulate the formation of the Milky Way without the use of dark matter. I am very interested to work on such a project.

  4. The mistake GR does is that it has no notion of the gravitational potential at a given scale (galaxy, cluster or supercluster). This is very important because it will define the rotation curve for a galaxy. It also defines the tangential speed of the galaxies in a cluster.

    At the scale of the Milky Way the gravitational potential is:
    h = 1.34*10^27 kg/m

    At the scale of the Virgo cluster it is:
    h = 5*10^23 kg/m

    If it is not null at the scale of the supercluster then this means it is encompassed by an even greater entity. But it is so important at the scale of the cluster I highly doubt it’ll be null at the scale of the supercluster so there has to be a greater entity than superclusters.

    In other words the gravitational potential defines the “clock tick”. Thus by lowering the gravitational potential inside a passageway by absorbing gravitons we will see FTL, as seen from the outside. It’s that simple.

  5. I’ve been working on a website and here it goes:

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